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ENTERTAINMENT - Watch a TV show or a movie together.

EXPERIENCE - Go somewhere and DO something together.

EXPERIMENT - Try or attempt something new and different together.

EDUCATION - Learn and grow together.

ENGAGEMENT - Serve together to transform the lives of others.

Whether it's a husband and a wife, a parent and a child, or a friendship, good friends, building and developing healthy quality relationships, and nurturing them is an essential part of human life. Strong relationships can provide us with the support, love, and companionship needed to thrive. One way to strengthen these relationships is by using a variety of methodologies to accomplish this objective.


Most of us use some form of entertainment to get to know others. This is a basic level as we watch a TV show or a movie together.

My dad always said you would never learn anything from watching television, but I have discovered over the years that watching TV shows or movies together can be a great way to bond with loved ones. It can be an excellent way to share a common interest and spend quality time together. You can choose a show or movie you enjoy or take turns introducing each other to new things. By discussing the characters, plot, and themes, you can learn more about each other's values and beliefs about what you watch, which can deepen your understanding and appreciation of each other.

Maybe though, we need to go to a higher level in our methods.


Going out and doing something together is a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship. Plan a trip to a new place, go for a hike, visit a museum, or try a new restaurant. These experiences can also help you learn more about each other's interests and passions. By experiencing new things together, you can create shared memories you will treasure for years to come.


Trying something new and different together can be a fun and exciting way to strengthen your bond. Take a class together, try a new hobby, or take up a new sport. By doing something outside of your comfort zone, you can challenge each other and grow together. This can help you build trust and increase your sense of adventure.


Learning together is a great way to connect and grow as individuals and as a couple. Enroll in a language course, read a book together, or attend a workshop or seminar. You will challenge each other and expand your minds by learning something new, which can help you build a deeper understanding and respect for each other's perspectives. My wife and I just completed a class on grand-parenting, which turned out to be such a good decision we want to do it again.


Serving others together can be a powerful way to nurture your relationship. Volunteer at a local charity, participate in a community service project or organize a fundraiser for a cause you both care about. This can help you build a solid and meaningful bond that can withstand life's challenges while helping to transform the lives of others. Working together to make a difference in the world can deepen your connection and a sense of purpose.

In conclusion, using entertainment is only one way to nurture healthy relationships. However, a little extra creative effort can result in huge rewards. Plus, it can be an effective way to strengthen your bond with loved ones. So commit to going beyond watching television to try something else to grow and nurture your relationship. Make it a point to find new ways to experience life together: Get out and do something, try something new, learn something, or engage in a service project, and you will deepen your connection and build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

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