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We upgrade our computer hardware and software, and apps consistently. We upgrade our appliances with fancy features after they break down. We upgrade our wardrobes when we wear them out, grow out of them, or they go out of style. We, of course, do this for a number of reasons. Primarily so things run smoother and better–but a lot of the time, it’s because we think we deserve the upgrade. That brings me to a question: What are you doing to make any massive upgrades in your personal life or your professional life? I am constantly “scanning” and “reformatting" my Bob Operating System (BOS). What about a Life Upgrade? I know this can be a painful process, but periodically necessary … and definitely worthwhile, despite the pain involved. This Life Upgrade I write of involves identifying any bad data in our “hard drives” – that is, our “core” operating system – and “deleting” it. I often say, “new information causes change,” and it’s true. When new information comes to us, we have the opportunity for change and growth that helps us to “upgrade” in various ways. So get rid of that data that hinders your growth and embrace changes in your thinking that will propel you toward growth. As you begin to think differently and act differently, and ultimately feel different, things begin to become clearer, and you are more focused than ever. For this to happen, we must rethink our thinking completely. We need to stop the bus and pull the plug for a bit. Get off the treadmill and really make some hard choices and decisions. I have found it works much better if I bring in another human being to help with my upgrades. My wife, one of my children or grandchildren, or a trusted business colleague can help me to see things from an entirely different perspective. They can be tough on me, so it’s not always fun! But as we all know … “no pain, no gain.” I am committed to continuing the upgrading of my BOS. Let me encourage you to do the same. It will be worth it, especially when our floppies quit flopping.

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