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Right Place

Right Place

Mr. Attitude's audiences enjoy his high-energy, result-producing presentations! 

There's plenty of laughter as Bob tells down-to-earth real life stories, and shares what he has learned from the "school of hard knocks". His message is sprinkled with bits of humor that keep people engaged and having fun, while they learn tools to help them achieve greater success at work and at home. Take a few minutes to hear, as Mr. Attitude speaks to several different groups in these videos...

Mr. Attitude tells a fish story

Act enthusiastic . . . and you'll be enthusiastic

Laughter filled T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K  exercise

Work hard . . . Eat good

Working smart

Mr. Attitude tells a turtle story

Mr. Attitude speaks virtually to a group from the North Dakota Association of the Blind on the topic of kindness.