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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Be not a person of a grumbling and mumbling spirit. Negativity oozing from your pores is not a way to live. If we wish to attract healthy and positive people in our life we must shine our lights brightly. If not, it appears that the negative seeks out the negative.

Have you noticed that negative people sit in negative environments and talk about negative stuff? You have to ask yourself what am I putting out? What am I broadcasting around me? What kinds of words come out of my mouth?

An old saying is.. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." If our heart is ugly, our words will be ugly. In other words…You can tell the condition of a persons heart by the words that they speak. Vulgar and mean words.. well obviously the person is not healthy deep in their core.

Just know what you are getting into when you start to develop a relationship with a person. Relationships can be messy. They can be hard. They can make you a better person. They can also put you in a very bad place. So build with care. Be wise in your relationships.

Investing in others is probably the wisest thing we can do. I have invested both time and money in others. I still do everyday. Do I always get a return on my investment? No, but that is okay. I will keep investing in others no matter what. Will you?

Keep building relationships with others. Making sure they are heathy for you and healthy for them. Keep yourself healthy so you will be a good friend to someone else too. Maintain strong and healthy thoughts and actions.

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