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Over the last 30+ years in business there has been one lesson that I have learned over and over. I have identified the one common thread which has literally driven my business success, and I am sharing it with you today. As you will see, it's really quite a simple strategy.

Whenever I have a customer or client–no matter how big or small–my mission is always to treat them as if they were my only customer, by focusing all my energies on them, totally and completely. (Of course, my clients all know that I have other clients, but I know they appreciate the special treatment that I give them.)

Treating the customer like he or she is the "only" one is really not a hard thing to do when you truly care for the success of that customer. When you care enough to really get to know your clients, you will go the extra mile to assure that they are totally satisfied with your products and services. When you care enough to autograph your work with excellence, you will provide your customers with the quality they desire. When you care enough to treat your clients with the respect they deserve, you will give them nothing less than your complete attention.

This attitude and mind-set, of course, requires planning, and creative thinking, solid decision-making, problem solving, and good old-fashioned hard work–things that every one of us is so very capable of doing. Definitely worth any extra effort.

Your customers and clients will find your attitude very refreshing, in a day and age when the negative attitudes of others have left them empty and dry. You can be the one to fill up your client's "empty bucket" by simply affirming that there is nothing more important to you right now than doing what you can to meet his or her needs.

Though our attitude should never be to give just so we can get something in return, you know that it will all come back to you in one way or another. Caring about others almost always guarantees that your own bucket will never run dry. So I encourage you to go forth this week, with the intent of filling up lots of buckets. Really care about others by treating each and every customer or client you encounter as if they're the only one.

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