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Many of us work in an industry or profession, where our highest priority is to “serve the customer.” Whether the customer is a patient, a client, or a retail customer, we know the bottom line is it’s the customer that really writes our paycheck, and how we treat them has the power to make or break us. Whatever the field we are working in, how we serve the customer and meet their needs is the most important thing. And, in my humble opinion, both as a customer and a service provider, what the customer wants is service that sizzles!

What do I mean? Customer service that sizzles is an attitude that permeates every thought, every action, and every human contact–an attitude that says that every customer deserves prompt and courteous service, to be treated with respect, and to know that you are eager to please and serve them, willing to go up and beyond the call of duty, if need be, in your quest to serve them.

Every day, opportunities come our way to serve others in a special way. Often though, we choose to let the door of opportunity stay closed and we miss the pleasures that come from serving others. We can never experience real joy and success until we comprehend the power of service to others (and that goes for everyone, not just those of us in service-related jobs.)

We must learn to see things from the other person’s perspective. When we learn to listen, we really hear what people are needing and wanting and we can serve them more effectively. When we learn to see what others see, we can enrich the experience for others as they come into our lives. When we learn to feel what others feel, we are able to touch others like they have never been touched before. What it all boils down to is this: Service sizzles when the customer is served the way you would like to be served if you were in their shoes.

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