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Yes, though the title is definitely an oxymoron, you read it right. I don't know about you, but my Labor Day plan is to rest, relax, and restore, and if it WORKS for you, I hope you can take this day and treasure the opportunity to do the same.

I am not just sure what, specifically, I will be doing, but I do know I will be enjoying the very pleasant weather that has been forecast for the day. Oh, I know, there is plenty of work to do, but my strategy is to play on this last day that signifies the end of the "summer season."

You, too, may have a lot of work to get done, but I encourage you if at all possible, to forget the job, forget all your labors, focus on your most precious relationships, and have some fun together. I am convinced that the blessings will be there if our priorities are in the right place.

Rested, relaxed, and restored people are more friendly, and much more enjoyable to be around. They tend not to be so cranky and grumble and be grouchy. They also are much more productive in their work, in the long run.

Don't plan to labor all day, but instead enjoy the fruit of your labors in ways that will put a little fun in life and give you the much-needed rest, relaxation, and restoration you need. Trust me you will recapture all that is lost by playing instead of working on Labor Day.

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