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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Sitting down with my color book and my color pencils or markers is a very relaxing thing for me to do. The stress just melts off of me as I fill in the lines and shapes. Tapping my creative juices really helps to settle my mind and prepares me for the next great challenge in life. Why is it that so many of us quit coloring as we move into adulthood? Remember the joy of sharing your masterpiece with friends and family? I do. Seeing my masterpiece stuck up on the fridge just made me feel so good as a little boy.

I totally value and appreciate this quote from Albert Einstein. “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Now here is a pretty smart fellow telling us that it is an intelligent thing to have fun being creative. Wow, now that is great attitude.

As much fun as it is to color by yourself, it's even better to color with someone else! No matter who you choose to share the experience with – might be your spouse, a friend, your child, or grandchild – there is sure to be a natural flow of creative synergy and giggles galore. So, if you have not taken some time to color lately, let me encourage you to go to my free downloads tab here on the website and download a couple of pages for FREE. Our Attitude Color Book is coming out soon, so in the meantime go ahead and grab your markers, crayons, gel pens, or colored pencils and have some fun.

Remember life is full of color!

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