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Two of my favorite words are "preparation" and "opportunity". This powerful pair of words, which have been in my daily thoughts and vocabulary for decades, can contribute to untold riches in all aspects of our lives, primarily because there is nothing in the world that brings peace of mind like preparation, especially if you have the want-to and/or the capability of being opportunistic-minded.

Surprisingly, not everyone buys into the concept of being prepared; there are actually plenty of resistors-people who would much rather just wing it than plan ahead. Believe me when I tell you that I have been there to observe the fallout that comes from flying by the seat of the pants, and it is not a pretty sight. A long time ago, I purposed in my life to consistently remain committed to planning and preparation so that I will always be ready for the opportunities that come my way.

Preparing for opportunity begins with having a hope and a dream, then taking the flood of thoughts, dreams and desires that have been whirling around in your brain day and night, and getting them down on paper. It really helps to see them right there in front of you, instead of just allowing them to flop around in your mind's eye. Once you have your written plan, it is easy to review it often, add to it and revise it at will.

Then, because you are well prepared when opportunity knocks, you will confidently open wide the door to that opportunity and be able to seize it with gusto and enthusiasm. Taking action, you become; you achieve; you succeed; and life is richer and fuller.

Never allow fear to hold you back. Remind yourself that you are prepared; you have planned; you are executing your strategies. This is the time and place to be bold-to take some risks. So, face your fears and say to yourself, "Success is an attitude, and I have an attitude for success!"

The application of this concept and these powerful principles will work if you are a business person, a homemaker, a parent, a spouse, an employee-no matter what roles you play in life, there is room for more preparation and taking the time, the energy and the risks to more effectively seize life's opportunities.

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