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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

“Trust in God but keep your powder dry.”  –Oliver Cromwel

Everyone one of us has a responsibility to be prepared for the unknown and the unseen. We never know when disaster may strike, such as bad weather or health issues, vehicle breakdowns or even fire and theft. Any sort of life challenge can be thrown at us at anytime. We must always be ready. Several strategies I use to “always be ready” include:

  • Written plans. These save time and energy.

  • Awareness. Watching for trends and things that change suddenly.

  • Prepping. Learning new skills like raising small livestock, like chickens and gardens and fruit trees.

  • Hiding a small bundle of cash for emergencies.

  • Extra keys.

  • Travel insurance for flat tires, road hazards and locked doors.

  • Back up batteries, candles, flashlights etc.

  • Portable generator full of gas.

  • Two extra 5-gallon gas cans full.

  • Keeping the vehicles tuned up and full of gas.

  • Extra medicines and toiletries with me when I travel.

  • Extra blankets, change of clothing (including unmentionables) stashed in the trunk of your car

By no means is this an exhaustive list. My point is simply this: Be prepared. Be ready. There is a great confidence in knowing you are secure and ready for most anything that may come your way. The other night when storms were surrounding my home, my wife grabbed a clothes basket and filled it with a few of our most vital records, check books, my wallet and her purse, cell phones and iPads and chargers with us down in the basement. She also packed some snacks–cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, etc., along with some canned food and can opener, water, juice and cups, silverware and plates. Turns out it all went right back up stairs the next day, but we were ready, just in case. How about you. Are you ready for an emergency? Please don’t put it off. Trust me you will live a richer, fuller and happier life when you are prepped and ready for whatever type of situation you may encounter.

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