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Life is full of breakdowns, negatives, fall-a-parts, and glitches in the system, and the key is how we respond to these negative challenges. We can continue to look through the rose-colored glasses of a Positive Mental Attitude or take those glasses off and charge into the challenges with an attitude of taking negatives and turning them into positives.

The minute I discovered the concept of Proper Mental Attitude, it was a revolutionary shift for me and my thinking about life's circumstances. A Proper Mental Attitude is the right kind of thinking. For example, a person who has no talent for singing–no matter how positive their attitude–will probably not become a famous singer. If you are only five feet tall, chances are that having a positive attitude alone will never turn you into a star forward in the NBA. Skill and knowledge level, aptitude, and being honest with oneself come into play.

The "right kind of attitude" will take stock of your strengths and weaknesses. A Proper Mental Attitude begins with an honest look at who you are, where you are at, where you are going, and how you will get there. Having a Proper Mental Attitude means daily shifting paradigms and mindsets because we are living and operating in a changing world. Nothing ever stays the same. We must be willing to shift our thinking.

Today, consider approaching life with a Proper Mental Attitude, and you will find that you can overcome obstacles more effectively. You will discover that you can face fear with more courage, sincerely enhance your relationships, and get much more out of life so that you will have much more to give. I affirm that this is all proper, positive, and healthy.


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