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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

When things go awry, it is often very challenging to keep your head about you. A dizzying array of thoughts converge in a blink, and sorting through to the correct response is vital and often must occur within seconds. Add to that the opinions, fears, personalities, agendas of others that are coming at you full tilt and things can get overwhelming pretty fast. We all know someone who has “freaked out” and reacted in the wrong way and have seen how this can lead to much heartbreak and massive consequences. Why compound the issues? Being the emotional creatures we are, it can seem much easier at the time to react to negatives in a negative way. However we can also choose positive responses to those same circumstances and situations. We can choose to keep our wits about us. We can choose to maintain calm, and staying calm no matter what, should be our focus! So breathe, feel your heart pound, it is okay. Breathe some more. Catch yourself before someone else must! You may not have any control over the situation, but you do have control over your attitude and emotions. Choose to control what you can and leave the rest alone, until you have had sufficient time to think things through. It’s so much easier than having to try to take back words and actions you later regret. Choosing self control and peace in the storms of life is an outstanding leadership characteristic that I strive for daily. We all should aspire for this. If you are especially prone to over react or respond without thinking first, I hope you will take this message to heart. Or perhaps there is someone you know that needs a bit of encouragement today and you could forward this to them.

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