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Recently I took a 10-day sabbatical to readjust my attitude. After a tumultuous couple of years, I noticed my attitude was waning quite seriously, so with my wife’s blessing, I headed off to my special place. Quite honestly, during the first couple of days of my retreating, I slept quite a lot. In relaxing and reflecting, I began identifying the areas of my life I had control over and especially recognizing the areas of life I had no control over.

Realizing that I needed to make some decisions regarding my life–recovery was massively on my mind–I started rethinking my thinking about many of my past choices and decisions. Reviewing this massive number of decisions caused me to pause, to look at how the refining fire of life had given me this burning desire to make a change in my life. As I looked for refreshment in my soul, deep in the core of my being, I saw some habits needed to be replaced with better ones. I knew that I needed to go back to the basics I have been teaching for 35+ years if I was going to remove all toxic and negative thinking that I had allowed to build up. My mantra has always been Take Action and Become! And so take action, I did.

I looked at all the areas where I have been experiencing frustration and realized it was time I entered into the recommitment phase of attitude. So I spent some time looking over my priorities and passions, which led to my recommitting to my life purpose and mission. Much like a spring of water pouring forth its bounty, I remembered that my primary goal in life was to be a refreshment to others. As I acknowledged this, I felt revitalized in my spirit, as I recognized I needed to get back to doing that more effectively and laid out some strategies to do so. My heart’s desire has always been to invest in others, building and reinforcing life commitments in others. Right then and there, I resolved to make the change and continue making changes for the better, always keeping my goals in sight. I believe this is very doable and realistic. Possibly reconsider this for yourself as a way to reach your goals, especially if you, like me, are ready for an attitude readjustment.

Special Note: I just noticed my use of so many “RE” words. Hmmm. Really, I have no idea what this means. :)

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