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This is the fourth blog post in a series called "4 ATTITUDE PILLARS," where I discuss the topic of PERSISTENCE.

Recently there has been a couple of cases where people that I know have, in my opinion, thrown in the towel a little too soon on their commitments. Now keep in mind that I am not judging them; I happen to know many of the facts in these two particular situations, and I personally believe that both of these would have succeeded had they stuck it out just a little bit longer.

We are all guilty, at times, of giving up too soon. At the darkest hour, at the most challenging time, it can often seem like the most logical thing to do is quit–just to wash our hands of the whole situation, so to speak. I believe there is a time to quit on some things, but in my humble opinion, it is only after you have thoroughly exhausted all possibilities. I also believe that of the poorest reasons for quitting is just because something turns out to be harder than you thought it would be going into it.

This is precisely where the attitude of persistence comes into play. Technically persistence pays in more ways than one. When you are knocked down, and when failure is looming just around the corner, it is as that moment that you need to toughen up. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, dust yourself off, put a smile on your face, and press on! Trust me, no one else is going to do it for you. This is something that you must do yourself. Yes, we may need to cry and pout a bit. But ultimately, you gotta pull your big boy or big girl pants up and begin thinking differently about your tough situation and determine to stick with it, especially during the difficult and rough times.

Operating consistently in life with an attitude of persistence is truly a character-building adventure, so remember this: The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of willingness to persist. Persistence pays, so keep on keepin' on!

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