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For the next four weekly blog posts, I will discuss the 4 ATTITUDE PILLARS I use in my coaching sessions. This week, the topic is "ACCOUNTABILITY."

Accountability is crucial in our daily lives when it comes to growth and change, whether in business or any other area of life. But I have not always believed that. I must confess that I used to rebel against the concept of accountability in a major way. I wanted to be my own man and wanted nothing to do with being accountable to others. But through the school of hard knocks–being the great teacher it is–I quickly discovered my poor attitude regarding accountability was a quick road to failure.

I did a lot of rethinking my thinking and decided to make accountability a cornerstone of my character. Being accountable to my spouse, being accountable to our children, being accountable to my clients, reaching out and saying, “hold my feet to the fire,” became the attitude of the day.

Over the years, my mindset has become fully committed to the concept of accountability. Now you may be wondering, how do you truly hold yourself accountable to another human being?

Let me caution you, first of all, you can't hold yourself accountable to just anybody willy-nilly. It requires somebody you trust, someone you have a massive amount of respect for, someone you love or care for.

I reach out to people I trust, respect, and love, and share my goals and objectives with them. I explain my timetables, methodologies, and strategies for reaching my goal to that person. I make sure my expectations are clearly defined, and then I ask this person one question: Would you do me a favor and hold me accountable to this goal?

It's life-changing and revolutionary, especially if they do what they say they will do and hold you accountable.

Being accountable to someone is the wisest thing you can do when it comes to planning, goal setting, and decision-making if you genuinely want to succeed at making a change in your life.

Is this mindset, this attitude of accountability, a commitment you are willing to make? It is part of the tough stuff.

If you want some help in this area of accountability, I am here for you. Just give me a call.

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