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This week's blog post is the third article in a series. We are spelling out the word ATTITUDE, and started last week with 'A' is for AMBITION, then added 'T' for TEAMWORK. Today, we come to the second 'T' which stands for TENACITY. I invite you to check back next week to see what the 'I' in ATTITUDE stands for.

Diamonds are formed under great pressure. Basic vegetable matter, over time, is transformed into coal. Under great pressure and heat and more time, that lump of coal is transformed into a diamond. Cut properly, buffed and polished, a diamond of brilliance and great value results. That once plain old lump of coal is now a beautiful diamond that is sought after and treasured.

We human beings are no different. The pressures and the heat, and the pain are actually good for us, strengthening us and developing in us a better character, Yes, we have to pass through the different stages in our maturing process and this can often be quite painful, but remember what the outcome will be if we are tenacious.

The question is this: How do we press on when we really feel like giving up? I believe the way we talk to ourselves is key to success while undergoing this transformation process. When we tell ourselves we are doomed to failure, well, that most often will be the result. On the other hand, if we say to ourselves and those standing close by, "I will press on! I will make it! I must succeed!" chances are really quite good that we will. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

Our mind, once convinced, is unstoppable. The programming of the mind is the important thing to remember. The programming is what we take in–what we read, what we hear, what we see, and what we feel–through our being. So press on. Work on your programming. Have some fun, take some time to enjoy your blessings, and above all, be tenacious!

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