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I have written and spoken about planning and preparing many times in the past, and will probably continue to do so into the future. I have talked and written so much about planning and preparing that I imagine there are a number of people who think I am kind of nuts about it and I am okay with that because I know the value of having a plan and being prepared.

I also know what happens when I fail to plan and prepare. Whenever I look back at the projects and ideas that have not worked out, I see that I did not have a plan. Conversely, every project that I have ever desired to bring to a successful conclusion has succeeded when I have had a written plan. In other words, just winging it or flying by the seat of my pants never really seems to work for me, so if I really want to get results, I know I must plan for it.

You know, I really love the feeling that comes from planning and one of my favorite things to do is every 30 to 60 to 90 days or so, is to look back over my written plans and check off what has been accomplished and update and revise parts of the plan that have not been accomplished yet. This practice gives me a great sense of satisfaction in what I have accomplished and gives me the motivation and encouragement to keep working to reach my goals.

Planning also gives me a sense of security. I know where I have been and where I am now, and where I am headed into the future. Planning is my assurance policy-it assures that my hopes and dreams and aspirations don’t just stay in the realm of wishing, but that they actually become reality.

Planning does take time and very often people tell me they are so busy they don’t have the time to plan. What these people fail to understand is that planning actually saves time in the long run. I can attest to the fact that taking the time to plan has kept me from wasting a lot of precious time chasing down rabbit trails. Planning helps me to clarify my mission and purpose, to assess the good, bad and ugly about things, and set goals to get me to where I want to be.

How about you–are you an avid planner, as I am? Or is your tendency more likely to be that you just wing it? If wishing and hoping your life will change for the better isn’t really working for you, why not write a plan?

Do you want a promotion or greater success in you career? Write a plan! Do you want to overcome some obstacle in your life? Write a plan! Do you want to get out of debt? Write a plan! Do you want to reduce the negative stress in your life? Write a plan! Do you want to manage your time more effectively? Write a plan! Do you want to improve the relationships in your life? Write a plan! Of course the list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Some have asked me if there is ever such a thing as too much planning, and I say the only way you can take planning to the extreme is if you spend all your time planning and never take action to implement the plans you have written.

If you haven’t spent much time planning lately, may I encourage you to invest some time in planning every day this week. (I assure you that I am investing at least two hours per day in planning.) Better yet, just go nuts, and make planning a life long habit.

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