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I remember that as a small boy, I had a great fear of what I thought lived under my bed–ugly little puppet-like creatures that would nibble on my toes. I was paralyzed in a fear that lasted for years, until one night, I finally got up the courage to actually look under the bed with my flashlight. What did I find? Not what I expected! I was relieved to find socks, underwear, lost toys, but not what my mind had told me was there. This story illustrates the negative power of fear in our lives, and how it holds us back. We need to face our fears, take courage, literally looking under the bed.

Now granted, many of us have had some very scary things happen to us in our lives, and the fear that we feel at those times is not an entirely bad emotion. But we must move on to face those fears with resolve and courage–to not let our fear keep us from living full and free lives.

We must not make our decisions of what to do or what not to do, based on "what ifs...?" and fears, for to do that is to let the fear win. Whenever I am afraid, my strategy is is to face my fears, and see the fear for what it really is-False Evidence Appearing Real. I also give myself a good talking to, remind myself of my under-the-bed-scary creatures and affirm myself by saying: Face your fears and the death of fear is certain!

This has worked well for me over the years, and it can work for you too. We must never let fear paralyze us; never let it hold us back from living our lives to the fullest.

May I ask you this: What fears have you been holding on to lately? Isn't it time you looked under the bed?

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