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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I am sure you have at one time or another experienced a time when you were so afraid you were frozen stiff. We all have, haven’t we? I guess I must be into pain because I keep putting myself in these situations where I am massively out of my comfort zones and literally scared stiff.

Looking back over the last 40-50 years of my life, I have discovered that whenever I have had the greatest joy and happiness is when I have persevered through the most difficult and challenging situations and circumstances. There are dozens of examples of this that I have logged in my life journey to prove my point (and I have already written about a lot of them.)

What I have found is that I tend to reflect on those times, which then seems to trigger more of these “out of my comfort zone” experiences. When I stretch out, it hurts; but then it feels good–both physically and mentally! It’s like when you blow up a ballon really big then let all the air out. The balloon never goes back to it’s original shape. The change is great for flexibility. I have trained my thinking so that when fear comes into my thoughts I automatically start to shift all my mindsets to be flexible with my self imposed deadlines and let go of the rope or safety line.

When fear paralysis sets in, simply recommit yourself and realize you have the power to overcome. I should mention it does help massively if you pray, have friends and family praying for you, and maintain the tenacity to press on no matter what whacks you and wants to hold you back! That is referred to as GRIT!

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