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This week's blog post is the fourth in a series. We're spelling out the word ATTITUDE, and started with 'A' is for AMBITION, then 'T' for TEAMWORK, and another 'T' for TENACITY. Today, we come to the 'I' which stands for IMPROVEMENT. Don't forget to check back next week to see what the third 'T' in ATTITUDE stands for.

With nearly 35 years in the self-improvement industry, one thing that I need to clarify here today is that self-improvement is not a selfish thing. Many people that I have come into contact with over the years have told me they felt self-improvement was a joke, not for them, or actually, that it is selfish and too self-centered.

In reality, the reason people choose to improve themselves is mainly that they have a desire to make a positive and even a powerful impact on the lives of others. As we are in the process of improving ourselves, we are allowed the opportunity to encourage and share with others who may face similar situations.

When you begin to improve in an area, people will often notice a change in you and ask what you have been up to lately. You might tell them you have been setting and achieving some goals or reading more than ever before and applying what you have been reading. Maybe the change is because of taking a class to learn a new skill.

Whatever the reason for the change, sharing with others what you are learning can have benefits for both them and you. This will help you absorb and assimilate into your life what you have been learning even more. Everybody wins when someone makes a commitment to self-improvement.

As you think about self-improvement this week, take some time to work on these. Remember, it's always helpful to get things down in black and white in front of you.

  • List 5 of your strengths.

  • List 5 of your weaknesses.

  • List 5 of your opportunities.

  • List 5 of your threats to peace and security.

Analyze this information once you get it in front of you. Take the information and include it in your life strategy.

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