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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

One thing that we can absolutely count on in this life is change. Our planet is changing, our nation is changing, our town is changing. Change is everywhere. Change is a constant. Change is inevitable. And, believe it or not, change is necessary. To quote Bruce Barton, “Keep changing; when you are through changing, you are through.” This powerful statement has impacted me for many years and challenged me to live life with an attitude of embracing, accepting, and welcoming change. Most of us tend to resist change for a variety of reasons, mostly involving fear–fear of the unknown, fear of moving out of our comfort zones, fear of failure, fear of what others may think, fear of experiencing hurt and pain, etc. When facing change in life we need to be of courage. We need to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for change. We need to face our fears in regard to change and hit change head on. We need to put our energies, not in resisting change, but in mastering a new result. Whenever change occurs it sets up a whole new set of rules, standards and processes that can present great opportunities for those who are prepared for change. Opportunities for healthier relationships, greater economic benefits, ease and comfort, increased security, peace, joy and success, can occur when we master the change taking place in our lives.

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