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Today I am thinking about golden threads. That may seem odd to you, as you would probably guess I do not sew, weave or do any needlework at all and never have. In fact, I am pretty sure I would struggle to sew a button on my shirt or patch some jeans, and I am no expert by any stretch when it comes to weaving or doing anything with thread, for that matter. However, I have watched others wield a needle and thread and have often admired fine fabric, tapestries, and such. So today, I am writing metaphorically, hoping that what I have in mind to say here doesn’t unravel on me. So let’s start by telling you what I mean by “golden thread.” As you probably know, fabric is made up of threads woven together, often to create some sort of design, which can range from very simple to quite elaborate. If you think of life as a beautiful and elaborate piece of fabric, the golden thread would be the continuous thread(s)–through the thick and thin, the ups and downs–that are woven into the fabric of our lives. Holding tight, they endure storms and protect us from the stuff that touches us to our bones. These golden threads weave an interesting pattern in our lives, ultimately clothing us with riches and happiness. These golden threads cross all aspects of not only my life but yours too. They include our hopes and dreams, our core values, our beliefs, our faith, our skill sets and capabilities, and so much more. Beyond this, I believe the most significant golden threads are the people we connect and engage with in substantial and life-changing ways. They are the special people who have had an ongoing impact on our lives–the teachers, coaches, business mentors, family members, and friends you spend and share your life with. Usually, we are blessed to have several of these special golden threads throughout our lifetime. Today I challenge you to stop and examine the fabric of your own life to see if you can identify some of those golden threads running through it. Take time to treasure these golden threads, far more precious than gold, silver, and diamonds… that are far beyond the value of bank account balances and possessions. Take the time to think about and acknowledge the special relationships that have shaped your life and your home, your career and/or business. Give thanks for these golden threads that hold strong and wrap you with warmth and security especially when the storm clouds gather and the winds of change blow.

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