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We finally made it through to the last letter of the word ATTITUDE, and the final post of this eight-part series. If you missed any of the other seven, be sure to check them out! We started with the letter 'A' for AMBITION, added a 'T' for TEAMWORK and another 'T' for TENACITY, followed by the letter 'I' which stands for IMPROVEMENT, and the third 'T' for TRUST. Then we touched on the topic of 'U' for UNDERSTANDING, and then 'D' for DECISION-MAKING. Today, we come to the letter 'E' which stands for Excitement.

I love to chase my passions. I love making music, audio recording, candle making, growing fruit trees, making homemade vanilla, and my homemade Kahlua is especially fun to make. You might say I get downright excited about these projects. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I also get excited about making my lotions and tinctures out of essential oils from plants. and I love seeing the joy in others as they benefit from my creations.

There is a point to my telling you all of this: There is power in having excitement, especially when it comes to hitting your goals. We track almost all of our goals and plans in the Prentice home, often seeing a success ratio of 85%-95% completion. The process of setting goals–writing them down, establishing timetables and deadlines, and then holding ourselves accountable to somebody–really works. In the beginning, it is often excitement that propels us to set a goal. It is the excitement that keeps us going when we run into challenges and snags in our plan, and it is the excitement that is there after our goal is achieved. Do you see the momentum that comes from being excited about a thing? Can you imagine what you can accomplish when you get excited about something?

If you desire more success, then remember what the "E" in ATTITUDE stands for and get EXCITED! Get excited about setting and achieving your goals. Get excited about the possibility of finding answers for the challenges you are facing. Get excited about achieving your goals, and the excitement you experience will only make you more excited about setting and achieving even more goals.

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