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Vince Lombardi once said if you are not "fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm." We need that spark within to live a rich, full and productive life. We need to tackle the challenges of life with enthusiasm. We need to find out what causes us to have enthusiasm.

In the Greek definition of the word it means Spirit within, flowing out. Enthusiasm is not a short and fleeting feeling like excitement. Enthusiasm is self-confidence in action. It is with us for the long haul. It is deep within our character. If we have a strong belief about something or a conviction about something and have researched it completely, what we have will naturally flow out of us in our actions and in our communications.

Many people ask me where I get my enthusiasm? I let them know that it starts with an action. I truly believe that if one acts enthusiastic, then they will be enthusiastic. I am not speaking about faking enthusiasm, because that can really turn people off. What I am saying is you and I have the power to choose the attitudes we will have in a given situation or circumstance and if we choose to enthusiastically tackle something, even if at first we don't feel very enthusiastic, pretty soon we will find ourselves filled with enthusiasm for what we are doing.

What kind of action am I talking about? Let me give you some examples. Acting on your research and study can generate enthusiasm, since the more product knowledge gained about what you are selling, the more enthusiasm you will have for selling that product.

Taking positive action on a great idea or a decision can also can stir up enthusiasm. The last four letters in the word enthusiasm-the I A S M- spell out to me a phrase that I repeat quite often-

I Am Sold Myself! In essence, enthusiasm comes from being "sold" on something.

Enthusiasm is a very controllable and manageable skill that can be learned. It should be released in the right place, at the right time with the right people. A genuine and sincere enthusiasm will draw people like a magnet, and can change your life and the lives of those that you come into contact with on a daily basis. You can change the world with a little spark. Are you fired with enthusiasm?

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