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"Winners don't do different things,

they do things differently!"

It's an interesting attitude I was reminded of the other day that got me thinking about what kind of things winners do differently, especially as it relates to the area of customer service.

Please note that while I am writing specifically about good customer service, these principles, when applied can work with anyone: teachers and students, service providers and clients, medical professionals and patients, husbands and wives, parents and children, and so on.

No matter what business or profession you are in, the ability to really connect with people is one thing that I believe separates the winners from the losers.

Winners connect with others by touching them in a special way, honestly and at a heart level. They don't just see what is on the surface, but are willing to dig deep to find out what is really unique about the customer and his or her needs. They search until they uncover the customer's source of pride and passions, which is absolutely vital to accomplishing any goal they may have have connecting with their customer.

Winners are able to take a relationship to a deeper, more meaningful level, by asking the right questions and listening to the customer's answers. They are more focused on listening to the customer than on trying to figure out what they will say to make the sale, so they hear not only the words spoken by the customer, but also the message being delivered in sighs and body language.

Winners always respond to the customer's needs in a positive, kind and forthright manner, while doing their best to keep in sync with what the customer might be thinking and feeling. They never assume or take anything for granted, and when in doubt, they ask more questions.

Winners have one goal, and one goal only-to help the customer achieve their goals and reach their dreams, and they are willing to take the necessary risks to help the customer achieve them, walking them through every step of the process. They don't mind taking the extra time, energy and patience required to connect with others, because they know it's worth the effort.

When winners take the time to connect with their customers, the result is always win-win. This is because winners have an attitude that says, "I want us both to win" and they know that in helping to meet the customers real needs, they are also helping themselves. Connecting with the customer at a higher level than usual can be a most enriching experience for everyone involved. It is what separates the winners from the losers. Why not go find out for yourself, and let me know how these winning principles work for you? 

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