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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Dear Mr. Bell,

I just asked Siri on my smartphone who invented the telephone. Siri took me to the wikipedia page of Alexander Graham Bell. There I found an excellent article on you, Mr. Bell, and your life up to the discovery of the telephone. Now for some reason whenever I pick up my telephone and hear the voice of a loved one or a new client on the phone it sends a tingle down my spine. I do not know if this is a common thing for you or any of you reading this copy of my letter.

Due to the nature of my life and business the telephone has been a key component to my success and a key tool in my toolbox. I reflect back on the hundreds and hundreds of appointments that I have made with my customers on the telephone. Thank You!

Oh my how fortunate I have been. Thank you Mr. Bell for your persistence in your work on sound and tones and the transfer of these sounds over wires and such. I am sure a pretty huge percentage on my life I have had phone held to my ear to hear the voices of others.

In conclusion, Mr. Bell is there anything we can do regarding the tingle?

Have a Great Day!

Mr. Attitude

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