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Friday night and Saturday morning, my wife, Vicki, and I had the pleasure of spending time with a great group from the North Dakota Auctioneers Association. Friday evening, we enjoyed the eight competitors in the Auctioneering Contest. Very impressive. I don't know how those judges could narrow it down to just three winners!

I gave my new keynote presentation on Saturday morning, "Fly Like an Eagle." Together, we explored some ways to fly as we spelled out the word EAGLE.

  • Fly with Excellence

  • Fly with Attitude

  • Fly with Goals

  • Fly with Leadership

  • Fly with Enthusiasm

We also discussed the power of tapping into our creativity.

Today, I am sharing some of the video highlights from the morning. What a great bunch of people! Thanks, to all, for you wonderful participation and for making us feel so welcome!

The session concluded with one auctioning off a copy of my Mr. Attitude Color My Attitude Coloring Book! What fun!

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