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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

What are your values? What are the core principles you use to live your best life? These are some of the key elements in leaving a legacy to your children and grandchildren. Of course, they will want to read about the stories of your life that challenged you and stretched you.| Have you ever thought about Leaving a Legacy? If not, start thinking now. It is never too late. In fact it will be an incredible way to process your life. Taking the time to pause and reflect on the stories of your life is really an experience in its self. Reliving some of these experiences has the potential to challenge you to be your best self.

Recording a video or an audio tape, or writing the stories of your life into a book are common methods of leaving a legacy. I plan on doing all three. Something will stick and be saved down through the generations I gotta believe!

In conclusion, the is the time now to make the decision to start capturing your story and your history. Get it down in black and white. Everyone has a story and everyone’s story should be captured and shared.

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