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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

People sometimes look at me funny and a lot of people get confused when we use the words “coloring” and “adult” in the same sentence. This is because coloring is known to be an activity associated with kids–though, adult coloring books have certainly become quite popular lately.

Here are some of the benefits of adult coloring to help you understand why this is so popular amongst adults.

The first thing is that it helps relieve stress by keeping you calm. It is therapeutic because you are in a worry free state of mind for that specific time frame. All your negative thoughts are swept away by the calming experience of coloring. You get to stop thinking about the world, your life and all stress bearing things that come with being an adult. It helps channel positive energy, leaving you less stressed.

Another benefit is that it can also be used as a form of meditation. Coloring will cause your mind to rest and be at peace, because of the level of colorful concentration. You become relaxed because you are deeply invested and committed in coloring for that period.

Lastly, (I would like to think that this is quite obvious) coloring helps you tap into your creativity. The process of picking which colors to use, which patterns to complete first, how you try to mix and match colors with patterns, choosing which coloring tools to use and which page to color, all induces your creative juices to come alive and create a unique piece of art.

Tacking some of the toughest challenges in life often happens right after a short session of coloring with my grandchildren, or my sweet wife, or just by myself.

Above everything else, coloring should be fun for adults as it is for kids. Do not forget to have fun with your coloring book... but beware, it could also lead to greater success in other areas of your life!

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