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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Years ago my wife and I, along with our children, decided to sell many of our earthly possessions and compress our life into an 8 x 35 foot, 50 year old, restored greyhound bus to travel together full time as a family. This commitment to life change was an incredible process. The bus was converted into a fully operating moving home. Lasting over three years we traveled on the journey of a lifetime. (Believe me, we all are full of stories that get talked about often when we all get together, even though it's been more than 20 years since we came off the road.)

Traveling across deserts and prairies, over snow covered mountain passes, oceans and lakes and rivers, we grew tight as a family! Encountering whales, dolphins and squirrels and a plethora of beasts from the animal kingdom along our journey, enlarged our view of the world and the Creator. Meeting wonderful people every step of the way enriched our lives in a variety of ways.

Rolling down the highway was always a true adventure, though there was nothing quite like stopping the bus. Getting out in the fresh air, to see the new sights and hear the sounds was always a joy. The new campgrounds and friendly folks were always fantastic. The incredible memories created when we stopped “Bessie” linger years later. The kids still talk about it today and now tell their children about the adventures in “Bessie” the bus. As I am reflecting back on our adventures as a family, I am reminded that life is a journey. Just like when we were traveling in the bus full time, we needed to get off the bus once in awhile, so it is on life's journey. We must make periodic and regular stops along the way for refueling and refreshing. I encourage you to take time to pause from the continual rolling down the highway, to remember, reflect, rest, recover, and restore. Go ahead and take a deep breath to smell the air, to hear the music, to greet life with gusto. Just stop the bus and enjoy.

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