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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Whenever I stick my neck out, take a risk, and move out of my comfort zone to help another person, I notice a couple of things happen. First, I feel better about myself. Secondly, new found confidence and excitement fires me like a rocket to press on and take action when my fears are most pressing. With new found power and strength to overcome all sorts of adversity in my life and business.

When I proactively force myself to do something that I do not necessarily enjoy doing, there is a major paradigm shift and low and behold I am a new creature. My actions and attitudes take on a whole new purpose. My life goes better and I have more joy!

Let me give you an example. When our youngest daughter flew the coop last year it created an entirely new dynamic in our home with our “empty nest”. There was this incredible sucking sound and it was not the vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind all four of our children first started helping with household chores early on in their lives and right up to the flying the coop part.

[Understand, as you keep reading, that I am not bragging about myself here.]

Being the responsible and forthright guy I am, and aspire to be, this massive life change 14 months ago required me to jump on the chores like the dishes and vacuuming with a massive amount of enthusiasm. Now keep in mind my wife is the managing editor of all my articles and writings so these words have been approved by her and thus are of sound truth and evidence.

So, with a proper mental attitude most every day I find myself doing the dishes and putting the kitchen back to a respectful standard originally established by Vicki. Plus, I am not wanting any big reward or anything here, because Vicki will tell you that she has got no medals for the 55 years she has been washing dishes. I am simply using this as a “clean example” of what happens when you teach an old dog new tricks. Sometimes the old dog may even surprise you! And I am humble proof that you can teach an old dog a new thing or two.

Stepping up to the plate (and the cups and the silverware and the pans) to share in the household chores is a responsibility that should be shared by the leader of the pack. Also, It certainly has been good for my new soft hands.

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