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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Whatever and whenever negative stress is ripping my brain out, I pause for a moment and reach into my blessings bucket. I know for a fact I am going to find in there a rich, rich blessing that will accompany me in my endeavors to take negatives and turn them into positives. Inside this bucket of blessings resides nuggets such as family and friends, special opportunities I have had, including tools, vehicles, resources, technology–whoever and whatever has blessed me throughout the years. This list just goes on and on. My roof on our home is nicely shingled. Keeping the rain and snow out is a must! My house has nice new siding on it, too, keeping us cool on the hot summer days. We have a brand new remodeled bathroom, the yard is full of lush green grass, our fruit trees are in blossom. Most especially, our home and property is safe and secure from lava and earthquakes and such. Living in a very very small community crime is literally not an issue here. Friends and family are all close by and all my neighbors are wonderful. I hope you love your life as much as I appreciate mine. On top of all these blessings, both my wife and I are blessed with businesses that have wonderful clients and opportunities for growth and provide us with an income. My question is this. Are you reflecting on the blessings in you bucket? Allow me to encourage you to do it now. I shared some of my blessings today not to brag on myself but to share with you (and also to remind myself) that negative stress cannot paralyze us, from the very moment we start counting our blessings. We will be able to break through any negative challenges the instant we start reflecting on the special things in life!

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