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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Transparency has been at the core of my life. I am an open book. I want to be real, genuine and sincere. So with that being said, this is an example of my thoughts on any given day of the week, as I work through the process of connecting the dots.

“I can see it. I know it is there. Yet it is still not clear. If only I could connect the dots!”

We have all been there right?

Connecting the dots takes time and patience. We get fuzzy. At least I do. I can get very fuzzy, making it even more difficult to connect the dots on tough decisions or strategies.

They say hindsight is 20/20 and of course so true. But what about the days, weeks and months ahead?

What direction do I take my business? My life? My education and learning? Where do I want to put my energy and effort and sweat and blood? How hard do I want to work? How is this going to impact others? How is this going to impact me?

If only I could connect the dots!

These thoughts run through my head daily.

As a visionary leader in business and industry, I crave a clearer picture of the future. That’s why I invest massive amounts of time planning and writing out strategies in black and white. It’s also why I try to connect with others in healthy ways as often as possible each day to help me gain perspective.

My wife and I have a saying we quote quite often to ourselves and each other: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” To us, it often seems as if the options are so endless that deciding which direction to go becomes a huge challenge–even paralyzing at times. Being good at something, or wanting to do something, or having the resources to do something doesn’t always mean you should move forward. Or, does it? Oh, if only I could connect the dots!!!

It is usually at this time that I let go and allow things to just flow. One things leads to another. A phone call, an email, a profile, an offer and the next thing you know BAM. You see it, the picture is clear as a bell, and we are able to move forward with confidence and clarity of purpose. Oh my gosh, I see it. You see it too! Everyone is winning. Life is in the simple things. Now onto my coloring.

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