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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Life is truly in the journey, and sometimes you just gotta slow down enough to enjoy some of the simpler pleasures life has to offer... like coloring. When was the last time you sat down and colored a picture from a coloring book, just for the fun of it?

Recently I received an email from a participant in one of my training sessions. This is what Brandy Cartney had to say:

"I purchased your coloring book when you were at Head Start in Aberdeen. I’ve finished my first page. Thanks! I love the coloring book and I really enjoyed listening to you speak at our inservice."

I wanted to publicly thank you, Brandy, for buying my new coloring book Mr. Attitude's COLOR my ATTITUDE Adult Coloring Book and for sending me your first coloring page from that book. You did a wonderful job! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.

Brandy is the first one to send me a page, but believe me when I say I would be absolutely thrilled if many more would send me a colored page from my new color book. So if you are one of my blog readers, Monday Morning Motivations subscribers and/or classroom participants, and want to get in on the act, all you need to do is order one of my coloring books here, or you can simply download one a free coloring page right here. Either way, I can't wait to see all the creativity flowing to me. It would please me greatly to know that perhaps I had a hand in helping someone slow down just a bit to color a picture just for the fun of it!

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