Updated: Apr 13, 2020

As a child, I enjoyed coloring, but as I grew older I exchanged what I considered to be a childish habit for more “grown-up” activities, and left coloring by the wayside. Fast forward to my years of early parenthood, and once again I spent hours coloring with my kids. They eventually outgrew the coloring stage and once again it became dormant until nearly ten years ago when my first grandchild and I got to color together.

I still have grandchildren who love to color and I have rediscovered the many therapeutic advantages of coloring. In fact, I have found that coloring has reduced the negative stress so much that I don’t even need my grandchildren here to give me an excuse to color.

Somewhere along the way, the adult coloring craze took us all by surprise, and I got the idea to put together my own color book centered around some of my favorite quotes and attitudes about creativity. If you’ve ever taken time to color, you know that it’s a wonderful way to relax and decompress and once you do, the creative juices just start flowing. You’ll find whatever your mood, Mr. Attitude’s Color My Attitude Adult Coloring Book is sure to be just the attitude adjustment you need. So whether you're all alone or looking for a fun way to spend time with family and/or friends, I hope you will enjoy my color book. And don’t forget to hang your favorites up on the ‘fridge!

Don't have one of my NEW color books yet?

You can buy it online by clicking here!

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