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Splashing in the puddles after a hard rain

Fighting the summer blahs can be really difficult to do when it seems the heat just drags on and on. Even though we here in South Dakota know July will bring extreme heat and dryness, this year seems to be quite a bit tougher on us all (not to mention the gardens and crops in our agricultural area.) We have all been praying for rain.

We got a brief thunderstorm which produced quite a lot of rain yesterday. When it stopped coming down in sheets, and was reduced to a light drizzle, I stepped out into the yard to enjoy the freshness. As I let the cool moisture splash my face and my arms, I reflected that it is been literally weeks since I've had that experience. The cool refreshing water just seemed to rejuvenate me to the core, and changed my summertime blah to pure joy in a matter of seconds. So much so that I actually caught myself humming a few bars of Singing in the Rain!

Crazy, I know. Life and it's riches are found in the simple things–like raindrops falling on my head!

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