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The world is changing so quickly, it seems. One thing I am noticing more these days is that many people are not operating with the same attitudes and core values promoted and lived out in earlier generations. My good friend Richard shared with me his thoughts on this subject.

The first thing Richard said is, “If there were greater accountability in this world, we would not be in the situation we are currently in." Then he asked, "Where have all the ‘ties’ (pronounced 'tees') gone? The ‘ties’ are gone. We don’t see a lot of these anymore."

  • Accountabilities

  • Responsibilities

  • Capabilities

  • Possibilities

  • Availabilities

  • Loyalties

  • Credibilities

My friend is right. Look around, and you will find that ACCOUNTABILITY is Missing in Action.

Accountability is taking responsibility before the fact rather than after the fact. Accountability is choosing to respond in the correct manner and mindset. Choosing to be accountable is one of the wisest decisions we can make.

We should be able to put our heads on our pillow at night and rest knowing that all is well, all is good, and we’ve done the best we could for the day. If you and I want to end our day with that sense of satisfaction, we must embrace accountability with gusto and enthusiasm. What I see most often is that people run from accountability as if it were the plague. Accountability is the key that opens the door to the possibilities and tapping into our capabilities. It triggers greater loyalties. It strengthens our credibilities and creates availabilities.

  • I choose to be accountable to my wife and family, friends, readers, clients, and customers, and when I do, the world is a better place.

  • I choose to live as a responsible human being.

  • I choose to tap into all my God-given capabilities.

  • I choose to dream of the biggest of possibilities.

  • I choose to be available to others.

  • I choose to the loyal.

  • I choose to be credible in my words, deeds, and actions.

What are you going to do?

NOTE: In the weeks to come, I hope to write more about these key 'ties' which should become some of the core values we build our lives on.

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