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It might surprise you–and then again, it may not–to know that many years ago I was quite a rebel. Back then, the last thing I ever wanted was to be accountable to anybody for anything. Naturally, I encountered an incredible amount of failure in my life as a result of that attitude. After getting “whacked” up along side the head enough, I finally learned that accountability is a smart way to operate.

Now whenever I make a commitment to something in my life that needs major change or reformation I automatically think accountability. Pro-actively doing this can be quite painful because it requires complete honesty with oneself and with others. I actively choose to seek out accountability as often as possible. I usually go to the three toughest people on the planet who know me the best–my wife and two daughters. These special ladies do a super job of holding me accountable as I aspire to make positive change that will result in positive growth.

When you contact someone that you trust, respect and/or love and ask them to hold you accountable to something, you must explain to them how this will work. Let the other person know how tough you want them to be on you. I simply tell my accountability partner. “if you see me sloughing off in this area of my life, come down on me hard. Likewise, if you see me working diligently in this area, please give me some encouragement.” You must teach your accountability partner how he or she can best “hold you accountable.”

I think you’ll find that most people will be blown away by your desire for accountability because everyone knows how difficult it can be to really want someone to hold them accountable.

How about you? Is there something in your own life that requires change? A bad habit or wrong mind set? An area where you know you need to experience some growth? Why not seek out someone that you trust, respect and/or love, and ask them to hold you accountable.

Since we all tend to have a bit of a rebel spirit–some of us more than others–choosing accountability on purpose really can be tough. Yes, choosing accountability might be rather painful at times–both for you and your accountability partner–because complete honesty is required, and that’s not always easy. However, when you choose accountability you will experience the growth you desire, and the pain will be worth it all. (As they say, No pain, no gain.)

I am sure you will find, as I have, that there are great benefits and rewards to choosing accountability. Healthier and happier relationships, greater happiness and prosperity are just around the corner when you choose accountability.

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