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Tapping our Creative Potential

Thinking Outside the Box

Creative Thinking

Thinking Differently

Solving Problems & Challenges

Innovation & Ingenuity

Where would be in this world if people did not take time to think, to dream, to invent, to create? Smart phones and iPads, computers and electricity, television, the internal combustion engine and jet engine, computers, duct tape (my personal favorite), little yellow sticky note pads, and pocket calculators are just a few of the millions of great products that have come to us as a result of someone's creative effort.

Most of us tend to think it takes a very special type of person to be creative, while thinking of ourselves as 'not very creative' or lacking in any creative genius at all. In reality, we all have the potential to be creative, that is to think creatively. While many of us will never take our creativity to the level of inventing something, we do need to utilize creativity to solve challenges, large and small, throughout each day.

Next time you have a challenge to solve, take these simple steps and you will see that you are indeed a creative person.

Step 1  Gather all the facts. Try not to leave anything out.

Step 2  Become constructively discontent. Allow whatever is leaving you feeling dissatisfied to help you identify the challenge.

Step 3  Do some 'green light thinking.' Think of ALL the possibilities and at this point, don't rule anything out.

Step 4  Make a decision, choosing the best idea from your list of possibilities.

Step 5  Write a plan of action and then act on it.

As long as you keep trying new things, new ways, new strategies, and follow these simple steps, your mind will be sharp and alert and you will never be lacking in creativity!

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