Many people like to make lists. I happen to be one of them. In fact, you might say, I kind of go crazy with lists. Let me ask, do you desire to have more effective results in your life? If so, challenge yourself to use a performance standard when making your lists. A performance standard is measurable, quantifiable, and specific.

For example, I use a standard of 10. I call it the '10 Rule':

  • I stretch to accomplish 10 items on my 'to do' list everyday.

  • I enjoy setting 10 minute goals, 10 hour goals, 10 day goals, 10 month goals, and even 10 year goals.

  • I use the multiple of 10 in my financial living: if I have $10 in my wallet, I ask myself how can I best invest this to turn it into $100? and so on.

  • I am building 10 relationships daily.

  • I strive to work 10 hours each day.

  • I concentrate on losing 10 pounds.

  • I enjoy 10 mini-vacations a year.

  • In business, I work with 10 major corporate clients at a time.

This may all sound rather silly to you, but it works if you believe it will. Over the years I have really benefited greatly from these lists of ten. I challenge you to find a performance standard that will work for you. Try it for 10 days and just see what happens.

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