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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Tackling the myriad of organization issues are a constant responsibility in our lives. Being organized saves us time and reduces our negative stresses and so many other benefits. Yet, so often we let this area of our lives slide.

My wife is a strong organizer much, much more so than my skills and attitudes regarding the skill of organization. It is deep in her DNA, her personality and her temperament. Technically, she is an expert at organization. A place for everything and everything in its place, is her motto. Much of her strategies, mindsets, and attitudes regarding organization have rubbed off on me. I see the wisdom in her words and her ways.

Now honestly I admit I may have not always adopted her methodology immediately but I do see I have really come around in the nearly 40 years or marriage.

If you struggle with organization my best advice is to team up with someone who has a strength in this area and allow them to help you and mentor you to a higher level and standard of organization in your life. Find someone you can be accountable to in the process as you endeavor to be more organized. The natural synergy that comes from this is truly awesome and naturally rewarding.

Obviously, one needs to have a deep desire to improve this area of our life. This is something we should be very proactive with daily.

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