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Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Successful people do successful things! Successful people know there is no substitute for hard work. Sure successful people work hard, but they also must work smart. Above all, success must be a personal requirement.

We all agree that intelligence is essential, but today I want to share something that I believe is much more vital and should be considered thoroughly. I am convinced that the Imagination Quotient (the new IQ) is much more critical than the Intelligence Quotient (the old IQ). No question tapping into our potential and the creativity that lies within is probably one of the most intelligent things we can do to achieve our goals and attain greater success.

Often our creative potential in our imagination lies still and dormant. We need to tap into all of our potential. This process is very much like someone drilling for oil. Remember that we might not strike the vast resources that lie within the very first time. It may require several attempts. Just keep trying. Do not give up. Dig deeper.

Living and operating in our world today requires a different kind of thinking. Thinking through the challenges and problems in our society demands that we all work differently. This is not a time to fall back or rest on our laurels. We will shrivel up and blow away if this is our attitude.

For example, lately, I have been contacting my suppliers in business and negotiating discounts and, at the same time, offering my services to them. The result is that I am picking up new customers from companies who have been selling to me. Plus, I am getting some pretty good discounts on their services. This has been good for all parties involved. (Good thing I tapped into my IMAGINATION QUOTIENT!)

From here on out, develop supreme confidence in yourself and your abilities. Start entering into every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Begin concentrating on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Focus on your powers, not your challenges or what some people call problems. Just begin making a change.

Develop a sincere desire for the things you want in life. Having a burning desire is the most excellent motivator of every human action. This desire for success implants "Success Consciousness," which creates a vigorous and ever-increasing habit of success.

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