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The last place we wanted to be is in a classroom learning anything. We avoided learning as if it were the plague. After 12-16 years of schooling, this learning attitude has become a poor habit for many adults. When summertime comes, our productivity often seems to drop. Employers tell me their employees want to "take off" more than usual. Everyone wants to play as much as possible, and learning definitely takes a back seat.

In all reality, summertime can be the perfect learning time. We are more relaxed; we have more flexible time. I challenge you to put away your school days paradigm and pick up a good book–something that will awaken your potential, build your mind, and challenge you to grow this summer. Why not commit to reading one good book each month this summer? You could determine to learn something new, such as that computer software program you've been putting off, or possibly a skill of some kind. How about making it a point to improve your time management skills?

Do a Google search on a topic of interest. I like to keep a list of interesting topics to research as time allows. Whenever I can, I go down my list and research topics important to my personal and professional growth. I know I never want to stop the learning process in my life.

My encouragement to you today is to resist the temptation to put the "pause button" on learning this summer. Become a consumer of information and a life-long student. There's so much to learn!

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