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Strategies for Growth

Normally I write an article like this in the Spring. However, I feel compelled to share what is on my heart and mind right now, because it is so vital to our living today and spring is just too far away. Hope and belief, often times referred to as anticipation, are two attitudes that should permeate our thoughts and daily thinking. Frankly, without hope and strong convictions of belief, life is surely an exercise in futility. These two attitudes are the foundation–literally the tilled and prepared soil necessary, for personal growth and success to occur. Now sprinkle in a few seeds of innovation and creativity. The old saying, "the solutions are in the problems" is still quite relevant today. Solving challenges and problems by thinking through the facts, and brainstorming the possible solutions is a key to growth. Then, make commitments to water your "garden" with abundant amounts of “attitudes for excellence.” These attitudes include (but are not limited to) a quality mindset, the process of building value and timeliness. When you are not only meeting these standards, but also exceeding them, you are definitely on the right track. I must believe this, for I have seen the fruit of this strategy lived out in the lives of many, many people.

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