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Have you ever noticed how it's so easy to think and continue to think a certain way about something? Technically some of that thinking may not be right at all or maybe something actually changed along the way that makes our thinking obsolete or outdated. Sometimes we can get so attached to our way of thinking about something that we refuse to see there may be another way-maybe even a better way-of looking at the situation.

I remember a time when I was reviewing several math problems with Elie, my youngest daughter, and some of the challenges she was having in her schoolwork. As we were discussing the challenge she was having, she blurted out, "It looks like I just needed to rethink my thinking!"

Well, I almost fell off the chair at her profound a statement. I asked Elie to tell me what she meant and she said, "Well if it doesn't work one way, maybe I should try another way." (We have since decided that one thing "rethink your thinking" doesn't mean is second-guessing ourselves.) Once Elie took her own advice, she actually did much better in her math assignment and the frustration was gone.

Since then I have found several incredible opportunities for application, in a variety of aspects in my life and business where I have needed to "rethink, my thinking."

Face it. If something isn't working out the way it should, maybe it is time to pause to rethink your thinking. It is when we stop and purposefully rethink what we are thinking about that life really takes on a whole new meaning. Things are so much different. Lately, I have paused to rethink my thinking in a number areas. Here's just a handful of them:

  • Helping out more around the house;

  • Training seminars that I offer;

  • Education and self-improvement;

  • Software I was planning to purchase;

  • Utilization of space and other resources;

  • Some recent business purchases;

  • Some recent business decisions. (The list could go on.)

As I have started the process of "rethinking" in each of these areas, and applied some new strategies, I have already begun to notice a growth in my life, business and success-in just the last few days!

Here are what I believe to be the benefits of pausing to "rethink our thinking":

  • We will be more effective in our "due diligence."

  • We will have less negative stress from our failures and challenges.

  • We will have more income from shifts in thoughts and attitudes.

  • We will get more accomplished in both our personal and professional lives.

Take action today and begin the process of pausing to rethink your thinking and see what happens!

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