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School was quite difficult for me, and I am positive I had teachers who sometimes pulled their hair out because I was such a slow learner. "That boy is a slow burn," my Dad would say, referring to me. Even today, I admit to being a slow learner.

The most challenging years were junior high and high school. Math especially ripped my brains out; grammar and writing were my most difficult subjects. Fortunately, some of my teachers and instructors stuck with me and would not let me fail. I remember that ninth-grade English class was quite brutal. Somehow, I convinced the teacher just to let me write poetry instead of what she was teaching the rest of the class. Boy, did she have my number! She just came back through the back door and got me good.

There were times when I wanted to quit, but I am glad my parents required me to finish my high school education. Ultimately, I went on to trade school and later college, where learning continued to be a struggle. Somehow along the way, I came to believe that learning had to become a lifelong process. If I was to grow, I knew I could never allow myself to stop learning. I needed to develop a love for learning. I needed to chase after learning as if I were starving for it. Today, I am happy to say that I love the learning process, even if it is still difficult for me sometimes. And when I see all the wonderful things that come from learning and consuming information, I am motivated to press on.

Currently, I have about eight different projects that I am studying and researching. Recently, I have been learning various software applications and online service providers to better my life and business. It is all stretching me, and that is okay.

In addition to learning new technologies, I am learning much about my clients' businesses. I want to be an expert in some key areas of study, so I know that I must continue in the learning process. Daily I must commit my mind to a greater commitment to lifelong learning. As a leader, I must set the pace and be an example by excelling in my commitment to learning, so I can honestly encourage others in their learning.

I have found that we must each know our most effective learning style and utilize it to the max. I have found my primary learning style is hands-on, so it works best for me to learn a bit about the subject, then play with it some, and then go back and play with it some more, and then have someone tell me what they know. Then I read and play with it some more and have someone tell me more about it. This process helps me to sink it in. Learning can be a pretty slow and arduous process; however, once I get it, I get it. I own it. It is mine. Everyone learns a little differently, and some are quicker than others. Retaining and applying what you know are essentials for success.

Never quit learning. Learning is a lifelong process. Keep learning and see your dreams, wishes, and desires come alive.

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