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It has been said that there are a thousand little choices in a day, and all of them count. Each of us makes tens of thousands of choices in our lifetime–choices like:

  • Whom you spend your time with;

  • How you comb your hair and how you dress;

  • What you feed your body and your mind;

  • How much or how little you smile;

  • How well you listen to others and how much you talk;

  • How fast you drive;

  • The amount of time you spend with your kids;

  • Whether or not you go to church;

  • Where you do your shopping;

  • How you react to circumstances beyond your control;

  • If you will be on time;

  • What you choose to think about;

  • How much patience you have in a given situation...

The list could go on and on. The point is, we make choices and decisions all day long, some so automatically we don't even think about it. (We call that 'habit.') We often believe the choices we make don't really matter all that much. However, the choices we make in our day–even the seemingly small ones–tend to play an unbelievably important role in how well we get through each day. They affect how we treat others and how others treat us. They affect our productivity and how we feel about ourselves. They can ultimately determine our success in life.

We have far greater control over our destinies than we may have ever imagined. As we make conscious, active choices whenever the opportunity comes, we can be sure that those choices will create an essential part of what happens next.

I know I plan to take some time in the days ahead to evaluate the choices I have made over the last year. I will be paying closer attention to the choices I am making today to see where I can make better choices into the future. Life indeed is full of choices, and I, for one, want to be more intentional about making good and right choices from here on out. How about you?

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