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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

"We all possess something called intuition. It’s an inner knowing which, when paid attention to, will help us make decisions and even prevent us from making mistakes.”

~Anita Foley~

It occurred to me several years ago that while eighty to ninety percent of my decisions had turned out to be quite positive, there was still the other ten to twenty percent that did not have such a great outcome.

I could see there was room for improvement, and became quite motivated to learn how to make more effective decisions. I began to seriously study how other people make their decisions, looking for any tool or system that I could use to aid me in becoming a better decision maker.

Over the years, I have adopted, adapted and applied a number of tools and systems that have resulted in making better decisions. I am eager to share a couple of my discoveries with you. First of all, I have learned never to jump into making a decision without first taking time to gather all the facts. I must do my due diligence to make sure there is nothing hiding under the rocks, if I am to make really good decisions.

Secondly, I have realized the advantage of looking at the issue from a number of different perspectives. If a decision will affect others–and most of them do–I make it a point to get their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions regarding the decision I have to make. The smartest thing I have learned to do is trust my wife and daughter’s intuition. I really do believe that females have been given a special gift of intuition, and it is my job as a husband and father to listen to their gut feeling about things. Honestly, trusting Vicki and Tasha’s intuition has never failed me yet.

Making well thought out decisions and taking action on them is much easier, and the outcome more profitable, when I have the confidence and assurance that comes with taking all the facts into consideration and engaging others in the process. Being humble enough to hear and listen to what others share may be a bit difficult at times, and yet it is so vital to having success in the decision making process.

Take time to apply these simple strategies to your decision making process and you too, will be empowered to make even better decisions than you did before.

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