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Today, I am writing about Red Hot Passions! Whew, are we having fun yet? Let me clarify, by mentioning, that I am not writing a "mushy" love story! But, yet I sort of am.

I am thinking of a different kind of passion then you may be thinking (sly smile). Honestly, I am referring to the kind of passion that fuels your internal fire–the type of passion that burns within you to accomplish your heart's desires; that thing that drives you towards your quest for adventure, excitement, satisfaction and peace, which is the very thing that most refer to as "success."

Over the years I have observed my oldest daughter parenting her children and she is so loving and caring in her actions. My heart is warmed by the fact that Tasha is completely committed and is so totally awesome in her role as a mom. Tasha wants to be the best parent she can possibly be for those grandkids of mine. She is what I call "passionate" about her mission, roles, responsibilities, and goals. With this passion of hers comes an enthusiasm for living that affects everything she does. And her passion is contagious. I just feel good being around her!

Here are a couple of questions I routinely ask myself.

* Am I really happy?

* Am I doing what I really want to do?

Without really belaboring the issue, there is power in doing what we are passionate about. Identifying, then acting on our passions, is vital if we are to tap into any measure of success. Making our passions become reality in our lives is so much fun. There's nothing like the feeling of totally investing every ounce of your being into your endeavor. This is the kind of red-hot passion I am referring to today. Take action and become HOT! Pssst.

So, what are your passions? What really turns your crank? What causes you to wake up early in the morning and capitalize on the new day?

Commit to focusing on what drives and challenges you to be your best–and do it with passion or not at all!

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