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Initially when we make a commitment to someone-or even ourselves-we don't think that at some point our commitment may waiver. We are so excited at the beginning stages of a commitment that it never comes into our mind that it may someday be quite tough to follow through on the commitment we have made.

Life happens, and as the daily aspects of living come into play, we often find ourselves getting tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted, and not wanting to follow through on the commitments we have made. Sometimes we just want to stay in bed and pull the covers up over our head. Yet we all know that this is not what reliable and successful people do, so we get up and make things happen. We recommit to life, love and the pursuit of joy and happiness.

We must make a recommitment to each and everyone of our commitments on a daily basis, if we are to succeed. A friend of mine calls these confirmations. Confirming our priorities, our responsibilities, and our attitudes takes a simple re-commitment.

Sounds simplistic doesn't it? Well maybe it is just that. The journey from wavering on our commitments to the place of recommitment begins with asking ourselves two simple questions: What it is that I want? and Why do I want that? It is in this getting back to the basic reasons for our making the

commitment in the first place, that we find the ability to renew our attitude and recommit.

I should mention also that we will have greater success with recommitment if we learn to wisely invest more time and thought before making any commitments. Making sure you are gathering all the facts and thinking through the process in the first place, will keep you from committing to things you should not be committing to. It will keep you from over-committing yourself, too.

We should not take our commitments lightly. Once a commitment is made, we should intend to see it through. Keep in mind that when tough and difficult times come upon us, it is not the time to give up on our commitments. These tough times become character building opportunities. So remember this is not a time to QUIT; it is time to RECOMMIT!

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